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B12 Power Plus Patch
$19.99 USD
Better Sleep with Melatonin
$25.00 USD
Hangover Patch
$19.99 USD

Why use our patches

~ Natural Ingredients ~

Our patches are developed from a unique blend of natural ingredients cultivated in the United States. 


Highest nutrient absorption over any other patch on the market.


All-natural, organic and vegan based, drug-free formulations!


All of our patches provides 8-10 hours of continuous delivery.

GMP Certified

All Dr Patchwells patches are manufactured in GMP facilities and Made in the USA.

Why use our patch?

Why Dr Patchwells

~ A Healthier Life ~

Formulated by physicians 

Our founders come from some of the finest medical institutions in the United States. After treating thousands of patients with different malabsorption issues for several decades, we set out to create a safe and simple way to deliver vitamins, herbs, and minerals that bypass the usual oral route.

Natural ingredients

Through our proprietary extraction and refinement process we are able to extract the purest dry equivalent weight of our ingredients onto each of our revolutionary patches. We use only organic and vegan sourced blends from Ayurvedic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, as well as North American, Central American, South American and European herbal traditions to make sure our topical patches is both a scientific as well as a natural approach to healing.

Backed by research

From our years of research and experience, we also found that many people struggle with taking vitamin pills and capsules as they are inconvenient. Thus, we found a solution by developing the vitamin patches system that deliver nutrients. 

Innovative technology 

Our research team found a solution by developing the world’s first vitamin patch system that uses 5 different technologies to deliver nutrients. Our goal at Dr. Patchwells is to continually innovate and develop ground breaking topical patch technologies superior to anything else available on the market.

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