Beauty Patch with Biotin

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Biotin Beauty Plus Patch
Best Beauty Plus Patch
Beauty Plus Patch Supplement Facts
Beauty Plus hair patch
Vitamins beauty plus patch

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All-natural anti-oxidant, vitamin, mineral, and herbal Beauty patches.

 Beauty Plus is safe, natural, and convenient

Beauty Plus was formulated by physicians and nutritionists from leading medical institutions including Yale, Harvard and UCLA who have spent years researching different skin conditions. Beauty Plus is one of the leading anti aging patches infused with 30 ingredients, including Biotin, that may revitalize and strengthen skin, hair, and nails.*

Why choose beauty patches from Dr Patchwells:

May support hair, scalp, skin, and nail health

May promote cell replication



"These statements have not been evaluated by FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."

We recommend placing the patch on in the morning after you shower. Place the patch on an area of the skin with little to no hair. Make sure there is no oil or lotion in the area.  The patch can be worn all day. Remove the patch before going to sleep. Place a new patch on the next morning!


Beauty plus contains powerful anti-oxidant ingredients such as:

  • Biotin which is a water-soluble vitamin essential for normal growth and body function. It plays a critical role in skin health and also supports the health of nerves, the digestive tract, metabolism and cells. Biotin is just one of the many  components in Beauty Plus that will promote clear bright skin, healthy hair, and nails.
  • Coenzyme Q10 helps generate energy and also serves as a powerful antioxidant. CoQ10 can help reduce damage to skin from internal and external agents.
  • Glutathione is another super antioxidant and helps with skin lightening by converting melanin to a lighter color and deactivating the enzyme tyrosinase which helps produce melanin.
  • Resveratrol is another great antioxidant that can help fight aging of the skin.
  • Akai Berry Extract is rich in antioxidants and vitamins that repair damage to skin from environmental pollutants, toxins, radiation, and stress
  • Other anti-aging and skin repair ingredients include Curcumin, Ginger Root Extract, Grapefuit Seed Extract, Lavender Oil, and Rose Absolute Oil.


    Please consult your physician if pregnant or nursing. The patch is hypoallergenic, but if redness or rash develops discontinue use.


      Biotin Beauty Plus Patch
      Best Beauty Plus Patch
      Beauty Plus Patch Supplement Facts
      Beauty Plus hair patch
      Vitamins beauty plus patch


      Strenghten your hair, nails, and skin with Dr Patchwells Beauty Plus Patch

      Developed by dermatologists from leading medical universities.

      12+ All Natural ingredients such as biotin shown to help strengthen hair, nails, and skin.

      Sustained release of ingredients for 8-10 hours of continuous delivery.

      Now you can get 30 Patches for only $9.99 w/ FREE SHIPPING!

      Special patent pending time release technology designed to naturally fortify your skin and nails . Order Now for only $9.99!


      Higher nutrient absorption than pills or powders.

      Aging. It happens to all of us. Aging manifests itself in various ways in our bodies. Externally the obivous signs are wrinkling of the skin and greying of the hair. But many of us, be it because of poor diets or an illness, show a marked depletion in essential nutrients such as vitamin B7 (biotin) that are vital to healthy skin, hair, and nails. Low B7 levels lead to hair that is thin and weak. Nails and skin also suffer. Nails may begin to form those unsightly ridges while the skin takes on a rougher more aged appearance.


      Protect your hair, skin, and nails against the aging process by taking your required daily dose of Biotin Biotin included in our highly popular beauty patches- The “Beauty plus Patch”

      100% All-Natural immune strengthing ingredients!

      Proudly made in the United States in a GMP Facility

      Higher nutrient absorption than pills, powders, or drops.

      30 Day Money Back Guarantee.



      In conjunction with leading dermatologists the physicians at Dr Patchwells set out to create an effective all natural topical solution to strengthening various components of our skin such as our hair and nails. With our patent pending patch technology your body will get day long absorption of 10+ vitamin and herbal ingredients such as Biotin (vitamin B7), Vitamin D, Vitamin K1/K2, Glutathione, Ginseng, and Resveratrol through the skin and into your blood stream. Unlike annoying anti-aging pills or oily/greasy creams you have to apply day and night our beauty patches just needs to be placed once in the morning and thats it! Then just remove it it before you sleep. As with any skin enhancing product results will not be immediate and will take at the minimum 2-3 weeks to take effect so patience is required with the Dr patchwells Beauty Plus patch. The end results are well worth it!

      Many of the ingredients in oral or cream-based topical beauty enhancers get inactivated by the time they pass through the stomach and liver diminishing their effectiveness.

      Absorb 15+ natural and powerful ingredients that will revitalize your hair, nails, and skin.

      Get HIGHER absorpion of ingredients like Biotin, Vitamin D, and K than any pill, powder, or drink.

      Avoid the hassle and burden of consuming pills or applying oily beauty creams.

      Provide systemic day-long strengthening of your skin with our special time release patch technology

      Make your hair more voluminous, your skin smoother, and your nails shine! Try our Dr Patchwells Beauty Plus patches now ORDER NOW for only $9.99!


      Our mission is to continue to develop the most advanced and effective topical vitamin and herbal patches available.


      "I'm a beauty salon owner and first tried these on myself. The salons that we own have all sorts of products but this was interesting because we never try patch. It take while but I notice great benefit. I order several of them every week for my salon clients and they absolutely love it. "

      Phuong Tran


      Average Rating







      Average Rating

      Amina H

      love my nails!

      "I just turned 48 2 months ago. For some reason my finger nails are not smooth anymore and were getting those ridges. I have been applying beauty plus patches for about 3 months and its a night and day difference. There are still minor ridges but the nails are just so much more round looking like when I was young"

      Casey Germaine

      Nothing yet?

      "Im not sure do these take some time to work? Its been about 4 days. I do feel a little energy."

      Leona Cranston

      Hair looks great!

      "I really didnt think this would work but like the descrition said it does take time. Like their energy one is immediate. I think with anything like that has to fix the skin or make it clearer you have to to wait. Hair looks really nice and has a sheen. Love this product"

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      Dr Patchwells has spent over a decade researching and developing our topical patch systems. We use only the finest quality organic and vegan ingredients in our patches. Our topical systems provide painless and hassle free nutrient absorption that is second to none. We are so confident in our Beauty Plus patches that we offer a FULL 30 day money back guarantee.